The workshop

The passage of September coincides with the new moon. Afternoons are still warm, but the coolness of the evening prepares us for a shift. The wind of change begins to blow in and is the ideal time to bring focus and awareness on our intentions, create vision and manifest our goals. After summer’ s activity and warmth , we will go back to “moisten” ourselves, nourish our roots and move inwards safeguarding our internal resources. We will give the quality of ”earth” to our practice applying its balancing force to help us get centered for the autumn harvest. Through asanas, pranayama, meditation, mandras and rituals, we will support you to open your heart, listen what you need in the moment and make choices that bring harmony in your life.
Join us whether you are a beginner, advanced practitioner or simply seeking a sense of wellbeing.
Donousa is an unspoiled-raw island, great place to unwind and go deep within. The outdoor yoga tend situated at the end of the island overlooks the sea. The astonishing view, the fresh cycladic air and crystal turquoise sea will really awaken your senses!!!


The retreat includes :

Light morning breakfast.
2 Hours yoga workshop twice per day, morning and afternoon.
Vegetarian lunch with organic local ingredients.
Purified water and herbal teas.
Yoga equipment: mats, blocks, blankets and belts.

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