The workshop

Everything in the nature is made up of five basic elements. Earth, water, fire, air and ether form the world we live in and the structure of our body-mind. We will approach physically, mentally and spiritually one element each day, giving ourselves the opportunity to explore our personal state of elemental balance, remind our dynamic state of being and become more aware on how to enjoy a long and fulfilling life. Let’s go back to ourselves, honoring our connection with everything around us.
Join us whether you are a beginner, advanced practitioner or simply seeking a sense of wellbeing.
Donousa is an unspoiled-raw island, great place to unwind and go deep within. The outdoor yoga tend situated at the end of the island overlooks the sea. The astonishing view, the fresh cycladic air and crystal turquoise sea will really awaken your senses!!!

Only for this retreat the Open Land is hosting Erika Tedino a certified holistic practitioner from Italy offering a wide range of treatments.
You can contact her on the spot for prices and reservations


The retreat includes :

Light morning breakfast.
2 Hours yoga workshop twice per day, morning and afternoon.
Vegetarian lunch with organic local ingredients.
Purified water and herbal teas.
Yoga equipment: mats, blocks, blankets and belts.

For reservation check the “book now” section.

The treatments :

Erika Tedino is specialised in bio-natural treatment and Reiki, as she feels that through her hands she can restore physical harmony and overall wellness.

She has been practicing since she took her diploma in January 2015, but she embarked on an inner journey in this direction about ten years ago and she has been nurturing her passion for holistic disciplines ever since.


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