The Retreats

The Open Land Project is the ideal location to host seaside rural yoga retreats for a deep experience of reconnection with ourselves and the powerful nature of the island of Donoussa.

In the retreats we share our experience  in  Hatha Yoga, Anusara Yoga,Flow,Yin Yoga, Thai massage and Chi Kung depending by the program of every retreat.

During lunchtime, we will taste the flavors of fresh organic vegetarian home made cuisine in a meld of traditional Greek flavors combined with our new roots.

Depending on the program of every retreat we will organize trekking and excursion to discover the beauty of this special and cute micro Cycladic island.

Schedule 2017

July 1-9

In the breath is our true nature.
By discovering the inner Vata energy,
we can stabilize and balance our daily life.
This retreat want to reveal the deep relationship between the 5 Vayus
(air element in motion) and our feelings.
This wonderful creative and inspiring element will guide us in a
joyful travel through the rhythm of every single breath,
supported by Yoga, Meditation and Mantras.

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