The Bedouin Tent

The Bedouin Tent, pitched in the summer of 2015 has been the first step of our project.
Located on a sweet terrace facing three pure white sand beaches with no sign of civilisation except the stone walls which are a trace of ancient human agricultural activity, The Bedouin Tent is now ready to host our daily practice.
This is a 60 square metre anti U.V.A. African Bedouin tent supported by seven wooden poles and able to withstand the strong Meltemi wind blowing in the hot Greek summer.
Our tent welcomes and is able to accommodate any kind of lesson, retreat or seminar besides our Summer program of Yoga activities.
The tent is deeply immersed in the raw and magical landscape of this authentic Greek island which lies in front of the small island of Skilonissi and the open sea.
It is the ideal location for a profound and authentic inner experience of connection with ourselves.
The tent can host up to 14 people for any kind of practice or activitiy and is furnished with mats, blocks, indian silk blankets and belts for Yoga.
So just take a seat here, close your eyes, relax your body and breathe in the experience to become part of the sensation.


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