The Project

The Open Land Project began in the summer of 2015 on the small, wild island of Donoussa in the Archipelago of the Micro Cyclades in the Aegean sea of Greece.
A 15,000 square metre plot of land facing the sea in the virgin bay of Kalotaritissa has been designated as the location for an ecologically sustainable open source project. The amazing beauty of this fragile landscape will be preserved with the realisation of ecologically friendly rural accommodation units fused with the environment and local tradition.
The Open Land Project is designed primarily to host yoga lessons and retreats but also any kind of seminar or activity that shares the philosophy of awareness and respect for a balanced and fulfilled way of living in harmony with nature.
The Greek Micro Cyclades islands are the perfect environment to meld ancient wisdom and the new arts of human growth supported by the incredible power of ancestral mythology and the strong energy of an uncontaminated sea and landscape.
Yoga, martial arts, music, vegetarian cuisine and massage are some of the disciplines that will always find space in the events of The Open Land Project.
This is an open project; we are proud to be Inspirational and we would be honored to have your support and your participation.


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